CHE RG is a group of researchers from the University of Porto who works climate, health and environment, under the coordination of the Professor Ana Monteiro from the Geography Department of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Porto (Portugal).

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undergoing projects

 2011/ --- Instrumental park for climatic monitoring in Serralves.
Applied Climatology, Serralves Gardens, Bioclimatic Comfort, Urban Environment
Sara Velho, Ana Monteiro, Mário Almeida, Luís Fonseca, Carlos Sousa, Vânia Carvalho, Filipe Esteves

The instrumental park for climate monitoring in Serralves has begun in June 2011 and has benefited from the support of the Pluridisciplinary Project “The effect from the biostructure of green areas in bioclimatic comfort” IJUP 2010 (164) and from the research developed for the Master Dissertation in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Planning of the Geography Department of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, and has been developed with the support of the project “Potential impacts in climate change and the extreme weather conditions in outdoor comfort at european cities – implications towards a sustainable urban design”.

Under the scope of this project several monitoring stations were installed in the Gardens of Serralves, namely 7 fixed monitoring stations for temperature and relative humidity, inside shelters, placed at approximately 3 meters from soil, placed in the shadow, in tree species of marcescent leafs (3 sensors - Pittosporum undulantum; 1 sensor - Pittosporum tobira; 1 sensor – Chamaecyparis lawsoniana), and in deciduous trees (1 sensor - Malus domestica), all oriented approximately facing southwest. These sensors have been registering the temperature and relative humidity, every 30 minutes, since June 2011.

The obtained results have been supporting the research under the scope of applied climatology (urban climatology, bioclimatology, etc.), environment and urban planning.