CHE RG is a group of researchers from the University of Porto who works climate, health and environment, under the coordination of the Professor Ana Monteiro from the Geography Department of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Porto (Portugal).

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undergoing projects

 2009/ --- Climate Perception.
Perception, Applied Climatology, Extreme Climate Events, Bioclimatic Comfort, Urban Environment
Carlos Sousa, Ana Monteiro, Sara Velho, Mário Almeida, Luís Fonseca

This research line seeks, through the systematic accomplishment of surveys, to assess climate perception of extreme thermal events at the Great Metropolitan Area of Porto.

Knowing that climate perception, as well as the perception of bioclimatic comfort, weather, the risk associated to extreme climate events (heat, cold, wind, etc.), depends on the lived reality but is strongly influenced, among other, by the physical characteristics and individual psychological characteristics, by the physical conditions and by the history of life, it is urgent to understand the way how the climatic systems’ intrinsic variability interferes in life quality, health and well-being of the human-beings.

This is a theme which has fed the curiosity and the interest of human beings as well as decision makers, once the public policies have the purpose of creating conditions to increment the satisfaction from the individuals in their quotidian.

The accomplishment and analysis of surveys is one of the used methodologies in order to diagnose climate perception in samples with considerable dimension and with small lag time between the moment when each respondent gives his opinion.

Like this, CHE RG has some surveys in course, regarding the perception of extreme climate risks, of cold and heat and the perception of the importance of the existence of green areas towards bioclimatic comfort during leisure and recreation.