CHE RG is a group of researchers from the University of Porto who works climate, health and environment, under the coordination of the Professor Ana Monteiro from the Geography Department of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Porto (Portugal).

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concluded projects

2010/2012 2010/2012 “The effect from biostructure of the green areas in bioclimatic comfort”
Multidisciplinary Project 2010 (164)
Applied Climatology, Green Areas, Bioclimatic Comfort, GIS
Helena Madureira (coord.), Ana Monteiro, Paulo Marques, Joaquim Góis, Maria Vila, Sara Velho, Mário Almeida

This work emerged from the proposal sent to the concourse of Multidisciplinary Projects of the University of Porto in 2010 (164), financed by the Santander Totta bank.

The project was inspired by the reflection about several research areas, such as climatology, landscape architecture and geographic information systems, which aimed the accomplishment of the Master dissertation in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Planning at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto with the title “The effects from green areas in the bioclimatic comfort. The Serralves Gardens”. The project was yet developed under the scope of the Project “Risks for public health caused by heat waves and cold spells at the area of Porto”.

The main goal was to comprehend the influence of morphology and vegetation organization from Serralves Gardens in the bioclimatic comfort of its users and its geographical surroundings, from fixed measurements (temperature and relative humidity, every 30 minutes) and itinerant measurements (temperature, relative humidity and wind speed in two pathways with 107 itinerant points) of distinct factors concerning the bioclimatic comfort.