CHE RG is a group of researchers from the University of Porto who works climate, health and environment, under the coordination of the Professor Ana Monteiro from the Geography Department of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Porto (Portugal).

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concluded projects

2010 e 2012 “Climate and Public Health Risks - a challenge of this new decade"
Project of Advanced Training in Climate and Public Health

Saúde Pública, Clima, Riscos Climáticos, Ambiente
Ana Monteiro (coord.), Henrique Barros, Helena Madureira, Elisabete Ramos, Joaquim Góis, Vânia Carvalho, Sara Velho, Miguel Sousa, Teresa Oliveira, Filipe Esteves, Mário Almeida, Maria Moreira, Luís Fonseca


This advanced course in “Climate and Public Health Risks – a challenge of this new decade” had two editions, in 2010 and 2012.

The first edition was funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation under the scope of the Programme Projetos de Desenvolvimento do Ensino Superior – Atividades de Reforço da Capacidade Científica 2010 (Projects for the Development on the Higher Education – Reinforcing Activities of the Scientific Capacity 2010). The meeting included the presence of foreign researchers of recognized merit, such as Professor Dennis Mileti, Professor Gérard Beltrando and Dr. Maureen Douglas. The second edition was attended by Professor Margarete Amorim, Professor Henrique de Barros, Dr. Manuel Pizarro, Dr. José Carlos Leitão, Dr. Arminda Deusdado and Dr. Delfina Rocha.

Both editions looked forward to provide theoretical and methodological contents applied to the domain of climatic risks and public health for a public constituted by post-graduation, PhD and post-PhD students. This was based in studies that have been developed and in the conclusions of the research projects about Risks for public health caused by heat waves and cold spells at GMAP (Project Ondas: PTDC/SAU-ESA/73016/2006).

On the conclusion of the second edition of the Advanced Course, the public presentation of the Health and Disease Atlas – Climate and Socioeconomic Vulnerabilities (GMAP and Municipality of Porto) was accomplished; this was one of the final works from Ondas Project.


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